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Balance the Mind, Breath, and Body - Tuesday Weekly

Join this Tuesday for a special co-led class that blends asanas and guided meditation to focus on balancing the mind, breath and body. 

Brad Lyon will kick off class with pranayama (breathing) and a sequence of asanas (poses) offered by Brad Lyon, which aim challenge and build up your aptitude to integrate mind, body, and breath.  

Following our physical practice of asanas, our fellow Yogi John will offer a 30-minute guided meditation that is designed to balance and rejuvenate. John also will provide resources and new techniques to assist in establishing one's own regular mediation practice. 

Suggested donation: $15

RSVP in advance as class is limited to 10 people.

Classes at The Well

Space is limited to no more than 10 people, so more attention is given to each student. Men will learn how to identify one's needs and to use the breath thru a series of poses aimed to build strength, flexibility and balance. Classes are open to all-levels and suitable for beginners, all ages, body types and abilities - no matter how many years of practice - you are welcome to join.