What's MYC all about?

Men’s Yoga Community (MYC) was born from the desire to provide men greater access to yoga and to create a forum for men to exchange, learn and practice yoga to support their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Understanding unique needs of men and the current yoga market in the US, MYC aims to fill this gap by providing targeted yoga classes, resources and events that cater specifically to men. MYC is driven by diversity - inclusive of age, ability, creed, race and sexual orientation - to ensure that the individual needs of all men are integrated into community offerings and teachings on self-care practices such as yoga and meditation. MYC is a community-based initiative that requires no dues or commitment, only a desire to learn about yoga and share with other men.

How can I support MYC? 

MYC is a budding community that is nurtured and grown with new ideas, resources and energy. Simply participating in a weekly class or attending a community potluck is a great way to support and meet others in the community. Also, sharing this community with others in your network is great way to help and support others that may benefit from men’s yoga and meditation.

Would you like to get involved, or share comments and ideas? Email: share@mensyogacommunity.org.